Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two posts in a week?

I was recently asked the question, "What's on your needles?" And I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk about knitting something you hate. I'm currently working on a pair of socks for myself. The pattern is easy, it looks pretty, and don't have to invest too much brain power into it. I rather like these socks. I like knitting them. However, I also have another project going... the dreaded hat for my mother. I hate knitting this hat. I hated it before I even started it. The hat itself is perfectly fine and I have no issues with the pattern or designer or anyone who chooses to make/wear the hat. But. I. Hate. Knitting. This. Hat. There's no specific reason I can point to that makes me hate the hat, but I do. Oh, I'll finish it (eventually). And hopefully it will fit my mother's head. And hopefully she will like it- she picked out the pattern and yarn so she should like it. So I ask you- Have you ever knitted something that you just detested but you kept plugging away because someone asked you to knit it for them?


  1. not yet, but you know how little i really knit. if it wasn't for pages and stitches i probably wouldn't be knitting at all!

  2. Hmm... I have a tendency to get bored while knitting--- like too much garter or stockinette; I like a bit of lace to keep my interest, otherwise I get bored then find it hard to knit an item